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World Famous Flour Processing Machine, Which is the Better,

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With the development of flour industry, countries around the world are developing new flour processing equipment to meet the market demand for flour processing. At present, some of the world's leading brands of large companies have developed several new flour processing equipment, mainly the use of new design and manufacturing technology, on the basis of maintaining the original efficiency, the processing capacity has been improved. We mainly in Buhler, GBS Group, Ocrim, Satake, Ugur, Alapala, Double-lion these brands as an example to introduce.
Buhler flour mill machine
1.Buhler Flour Milling Machine

1.1AG series Flour Milling Machine
The machine is characterized by reliable feeding system, stable grinding and overall sanitation. Due to the structure of the new material, not only reduces the noise, but also to prevent the condensation of water. Can achieve centralized control and the low cost maintenance, operation is convenient. Feed roller electronic reset system can achieve automatic control and can be monitored in the production, to control the feeding speed, to achieve stable feeding. The simple roller assembly provides precise adjustment and uniform grinding. Roll gap can rely on human or computer control. The equipment is easy to maintain, the feeding structure can be moved, making the feeding device easy to clean up. The equipment is lubricated with a centralized lubrication system.

Buhler flour mill machine

1.2 Sirius series Square Plansifter
Buhler new development of high square screen -Sirius MPAK products, is a large development in recent years. Buhler Sirius equipment in order to meet food safety requirements, the protective parts of the contact product are made of stainless steel and synthetic materials. In addition, all walls and doors are made of high-grade insulation that prevents condensation, which ensures that the product has low microbes and molds.
This product also has the following advantages:(1)With higher performance, high cleaning efficiency;(2)Improve the health of sieve surface; (3)Reduce the number of repairs;(4)Comprehensive effective screening system can effectively reduce leakage and make flour more hygienic;(5)A wide range of output, to meet the special needs of different flour processing;(6)Transport is very convenient, can be split into a module to load.

Buhler sirius series square plansifter       Buhler sirius series square plansifter

2.GBS Group Synthetic flour mill machine
This new synthetic mill is marketed and evaluated primarily from the determination of the material and the functionality of the equipment before it is truly designed and manufactured. So the new machine design is the first to carry out reliability design, and with the new health standards for the most appropriate green design, requiring equipment easy to quickly repair. Design requirements many components to achieve standardization, generalization, making the machine has a low price, easy to be accepted by the enterprise. Design and manufacture requirements the equipment is durable, anti-vibration method is to use casting frame plate. The device feed roller has the characteristics of being quick and easy to move and convenient to control, so that any part of the machine can be quickly accessible, clean and check is very convenient.

3.Ocrim New Flour Mill Machine

3.1 RMA Flour Mill Machine
Italy's Ocrim's RMA mill has features of dedicated to the design details of the equipment and health, clean environment design.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel is the main material to support the whole mill structure. The surface treatment of the material is done by micro-ball polishing techniques, the processing technology ensures that the equipment is easy to clean and maintain. The discharge hopper is also made of stainless steel.

Foundry engieering :RMX is the new generation of mills from single casting to layered cast iron foundations. The use of modern CAD-3D technology to design the rack can pass all the role in the foundation of the structure of force, to avoid the traditional design and manufacturing institutions lack of rigidity and willingness of good stability, and vibration absorption than other materials or components effective. The equipment has low noise and good durability.
Mixed material:Protective cover is made of mixed material, not easily deformed material, and at the same time painted, the equipment sound insulation is very good, low noise.

Ocrim flour mill machine

Grinding part:Assembled on the basis of cast iron is the grinding roller components, this part has a self-supporting function, is a relatively independent of the whole, mobile is also convenient, the movement of the component takes only 10-15 minutes, and the movement does not require the use of a winch or any other lifting tool.
Feeding part:The feed section is a separate unit that is easier to install and secure on the support plate for easy removal and installation. Plexiglass feeding tube has a capacity of 65L, corner position design without leaving the corner, to ensure that the material has a balanced sliding arc, to avoid bridging, knot arch, obstruct the material flow. Feed pipe cleaning is also easier, clean up do not need to move the top cover, nozzle and connected together with the auxiliary device, so that maintenance and cleaning work to bring more convenience.

Automatic control:Feed roller adjustment is mainly dependent on a converter (transfer switch). How much of the material in the tube is controlled by a sensor probe, the material in the automatic adjustment tube is kept at a certain level. Once the flow is unstable, it automatically adjusts to select a type of operation. At the same time it can also be manually adjusted feeding door to achieve the best grinding conditions. There is a patented technology to ensure that the feed tube is automatically cleaned once a cycle.

3.2 New 8 roll mill
Vintage 8-roll mill in addition to a small grinding traces and other advantages, it also has shortcomings, for example, low yield, and need more powder cleaning times. The Ocrim mill offers a solution to the problem by adding an intermediate screening system between the upper and lower rolls of the RMX / Q stainless steel 8-roll mill. The back of the screen is mounted directly on the top of the slow roller, passing through the lower rollers at the same time, through a passageway for a particular purpose. Fine products can be delivered to a special place, also can be mixed from the mill roll at the lower position of the raw material. 
The benefits of the system include: improving the quality of the product (eg cleaning the raw material), reducing the overall surface of the screen to 30%, while having high milling capacity, especially at B1 and B2, reducing the energy consumption of the roll and extending roll life.

4.Ugur Flour Milling Machine
Ugur Machinery Co., Ltd. the main difference between the design of the new mill is that the feed control is based on the PLC control system, with a button to be able to test and measure the machine. The new mill has a replacement roller is fast and easy, the output and flour extraction rate is higher, the belt is driven, the operation is quiet, there is no noise and vibration, maintenance and work use is low cost, PLC control, easy to detect and control feeding features. The equipment is grinding evenly and the effect is good. Due to the use of high-quality standard materials and special coating technology to ensure a high degree of cleanliness and hygiene of the machine.

Ugur flour mill machine

5.Omas Srl Padova Perfect Flour Mill Design
Italy Omas Srl Padova mill is designed according to the needs of users, the output from 18T / D to 100T / D, at present it provides a full range of fully automated electronic control mill, which combines automation, hygiene and easy maintenance of multi-functional as a whole.Each automated control panel shows the speed of the feed roll, the roll distance of the roller, the level of production, warning and energy consumption. Feeding has been specially designed for the supply of the device to prevent the flour from forming the arch and can be easily disassembled for easy quick cleaning and maintenance.

6.Double-lion Full Set of Flour Milling Plant
Zhengzhou Double-lion Grain & Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production of grain and oil machinery. In a short span of time it has risen to be one of the leading millers and exporters in the industry under the guided management of Henan University of Technology (Former Zhengzhou Grain College) which have abundant talented personnel and science advantage. This company has carried out the new technological research and application of oil machinery,flour milling machinery, coarse cereals machinery and feed machinery, etc., and transformed the latest scientific achievements into productive forces to obtain good social and economic benefit. A unique business model, out of the box approach of the management, and the goodwill of the customers has enabled the company to consolidate on its leadership position.

6.1 Unique Advantages of Zhengzhou Double-lion Flour Mill Plants

(1)Zhengzhou Double-lion owns turn-key flour milling systems, performs manufacturing, marketing and service processes within international norms with its professional and experienced staff. She has strengthened its corporate structure with positive values day by day which manufactures not only machines but also technology and quality.

(2)Zhengzhou Double-lion can provide new technologies, increase manufacturing pace and standardization, while minimizing manufacturing costs and meeting immediate support necessities and corporate responsibility. CE, and ISO 9001:2000 certificates have been awarded to our products, which have passed through testing at its R&D department.

(3)Zhengzhou Double-lion has exported machines to many countries in a wide range of geographical regions.

(4)Zhengzhou Double-lion provides single machines to complete turn-key projects for flour, rice and maize mills; flow diagrams, construction and projects; manufacturing of milling machinery, equipment and computerized systems; site activities that include set-up and management of sites, plant supervision and erection, plant start-up and commissioning; and services such as technical/ technological assistance and after-sale service, mechanical, electrical and electronic maintenance and spare parts service, plant upgrading and expansion.

Double-lion flour mill machine
From the above narrative, we can see that the world's leading research on flour processing equipment has not stopped, and constantly introduce new technologies and methods into the design and manufacture of products. At present, the design of famous enterprises is mainly focused on the use of modern design techniques, new materials to optimize the design. Basic functions and auxiliary functions of the little change, the important design emphasizes the human environment, improve the machine's pleasantness. Equipment, the operation, maintenance more convenient, health, clean state better, more accurate control, lower cost, reliability and stability stronger.

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