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Wheat Flour Processing Technology Detailed Introduction

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Wheat Flour Processing Technology Introduction

The wheat flour processing technology is mainly composed of four parts:
  • ☆ Pretreatment of wheat before milling
  • ☆ Wheat flour milling technology
  • ☆ Ventilation and dust removal system
  • ☆ Pneumatic conveying system
1. Pretreatment of wheat before milling

(1) Wheat Cleaning

Purpose: Removal of impurities from wheat

Principle: According to the physical properties of the material (shape, specific gravity, suspension speed, electromagnetic properties, etc.) difference, use different mechanical equipment to remove impurities in wheat.

pretreatment process of wheat

Fig 1. Pretreatment process of wheat
☆ Screening

A.Equipment principle
     According to the width and thickness of the material to screen the different materials.

BScreening conditions
a. Materials automatic grading
    In the course of relative motion, the material is stratified by the difference of the specific gravity, particle size, shape and surface properties, that is, the automatic classification.

b. Appropriate velocity of the material transported on the sieve surface
    The material in the sieve surface moving more slowly, particles more easily through the sieve pores, the screening efficiency is high. If the speed is too slow, the equipment production will be reduced.

c. Screening equipment

TQLZ vibration grading sifter

Fig 2.TQLZ vibration grading sifter

A.Equipment working principle
      Using different material suspension velocity to remove the light impurities such as dust, wheat husk, flat wheat and so on.

B.Winnowing equipment
      In actual production, air separation equipment usually combined with general screening equipment. Mainly used in two forms:
     Set in a form of winnowing and screening machine, such as vibrating screen;
     Independent two sorting equipment in the form of a combination, such as a planar rotary screen.

☆  Destone and grading

AWorking principle
     According to the different of material specific gravity and aerodynamic characteristics, in the use of sieve surface characteristics and motion parameters as well as the airflow velocity to realize materials automatic grading.
     The automatic grading of materials is caused by the characteristics of the sieve surface and the motion parameters, as well as the airflow velocity. It causes the wheat and the stone to move in different directions on the sieve surface, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the wheat and the impurity.

specific gravity destoner

TQSF specific gravity destoner

Fig 3.Specific gravity destoner
  Magnetic separation

A.Equipment working principle
     According to the different magnetic of material, take use of the magnetic to separate the magnetic metal in wheat.

B.Magnetic equipment
TCXT permanent magnetic drum

Fig 4.TCXT permanent magnetic drum
☆  Water regulation

A.Role of wheat water regulation
  a. The distribution of grain moisture in wheat has a certain gradient.
  b. Because of the cortex, endosperm and aleurone layer has different absorption for water, thus weaken the binding force.
  c. Cortical resilience will be increased, it helps maintain the integrity of bran and bran scrape on endosperm when grinding.
  d.  Decreased water absorption of endosperm, to reduce power consumption

Technical effect of wheat moisture regulation
  a. It is conducive to grinding and screening.
  b. Increase the rate of powder.
  c. Improve flour color.
  d. Reducing ash and power consumption of flour.

C. Wheat water equipment

☆  Wheat blending

A.Wheat blending purpose
  a. Rational use of wheat, in order to get the highest power yield and fine power ratio.
  b. According to the market need to produce special powder, and make the product quality and application stability.
  c. To ensure the quality of raw materials processing is basically stable, in order to maintain the production process and operational stability.

B.Wheat blending method
  a. Wheat blending with villosa
  b. Wheat blending in tempering wheat bin
  c. Wheat blending with net wheat

C. Wheat blending equipment

computerized wheat mixing machine

Fig 6. Computerized wheat mixing machine
2. Wheat flour milling process

wheat flour milling process

Fig 7. Wheat flour milling process

A. Grinding principle
    Using extrusion and shearing to crush the wheat and change the shape and size of wheat and its products, make the endosperm apart with oatmeal and germ, peel the wheat endosperm on the skin cleanly, at the same time           make the endosperm into powder.

B. Grinding effect
    Measure the grinding effect of the index: Stripping rate and powder taking rate.

C. Milling equipment
    Roller mill
    Pneumatic grinding machine
6F flour milling machinery

    penumatic flour mill

Fig 8. Flour milling machienry

A. Screening effect
    Classifying the intermediate product (mixture) produced by the grinding system according to the particle size and the material property.

B. Screening equipment
    Mainly is high square sieve, its advantages are as follows:
a. It can make full use of the plant space to install the equipment;
b. Under the same load, the screening efficiency is higher;
c. For grinding intermediate products, the number of grading is more.
d. Less power consumption per unit of output;
e. As the screen material can fully automatic classification, it can improve the quality of the sieve.

FSFG square plansifter  flour milling plant    plansifter flour mill   plansifter flour mill
  Bran finishing

A.  Bran finishing purpose
     The effective removal of the bran residue on the endosperm, which can further improve the extraction rate.

B.  Bran finishing working principle
     The use of bran machine in high speed rotating plate will flake impinging on the buffer plate or screen, with strong hit and friction, the residual endosperm on the bran will be separated.

C.  Bran finishing equipment

FDMW horizontal bran machine

A.  Purification purpose
     The wheat dregs, wheat heart and hard coarse powder were selected, it will be divided into cereal, sticky oatmeal endosperm and pure grain endosperm according to the quality.

B.  Flour cleaner working principle
     By using the differences of mechanical properties of gases and the particle size of each particle in the material, the material will be calssified.

C.  Purification equipment
flour cleaning machine

flour mill
Fig 11. Flour cleaning machine
3.  Dust removal system

A.  Dust removal system function
     To ensure the environmental health, to prevent the hidden dangers of production, to ensure product quality.

B.  Main equipment of dust removal system
     Dust collector, Centrifugal fan, Cyclone, Air duct,

high pressure centrifugal fan  
  typical dust collecting system


Fig 12. Typical dust collecting system
☆ Pneumatic conveying system

The pneumatic conveying system used in the flour milling process is divided into two types:
  • Negative pressure pneumatic conveying for powder
  • Positive pressure pneumatic conveying for powder mixing
  • Main pneumatic conveying equipment
        Centrifugal fan
        Rotary feeder
        Unloading machine
        Dust wiper

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