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What Are The Differences Between Large Flour Milling Plant And Small Flour Milling Plant?

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In general, whether large-scale flour milling plant or small flour milling plant, the quality of the flour they produce is basically the same, all can meet the flour market demand. However, there are still some differences in the aspects of installation, production, maintenance and investment between large-scale flour machines and small flour machines.

The first is the difference of installation
The small flour processing plant has simple structure, small footprint, whether processing or installation, the operation is relatively simple, the failure rate is relatively low, convenient to maintain. However, the large-scale flour milling plant, which requires a larger amount of processing, corresponding to its structure will be more complex, the required number of flour mill machine and ancillary equipment will be more, covers an larger area, the staff usually more pay attention to its inspection and maintenance.

What Are The Differences Between Large Flour Milling Plant And Small Flour Milling Plant?-Zhengzhou Double-lion

The difference of investment
Small flour processing equipment is relatively simple, small footprint, only need one floor to install, the installation time is short, so the investment is relatively small. The large-scale flour milling plant, ancillary equipment is complex, covers an large area, and generally need 2-5 storey steel structure or building-type structure, long installation cycle, the investment is several times or even several ten times of small flour processing equipment.

The difference of processing technology
Small flour processing machine is relatively simple, with a smaller number of flour mills, therefore, small flour milling plant output rate is relatively low, and the need to repeatedly grind 3-4 times in order to get the final product. The large-scale flour processing equipment, handling capacity is relatively large, with a larger number of flour mills, each flour mills have their own exclusive function, a special core mill, leather mill and so on. A complete sets of machine, from cleaning , conveying, milling, screening, grading to the final packaging can be fully automated production, only need one time to get the final powder, do not need repeated grinding cycle, high degree of automation, but also save labor and time.

What Are The Differences Between Large Flour Milling Plant And Small Flour Milling Plant?|Double-lion

The difference of application
Small flour processing equipment mainly composed by the feed, milling machine and separation system, set crushing, milling, feed processing in one, the structure is simple, very suitable for rural and small-scale food, feed processing.The large flour processing equipment, complete with a high degree of automation, the structure includes the conveyor system, screening systems, cleaning systems, milling systems, grading systems, packaging systems, one time can get the final powder, with a high rate of flour, high degree of automation, it is very suit for  large flour processing factories.

For india plant, 5T flour mill plant, 10T flour mill plant20T flour mill plant, 40T flour mill plant, 60T flour mill plantis very popular, also 6F series automatic flour mill machine  is good choice for beginners.

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