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The Function and Significance of Roller Mill in Wheat Flour

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Crushing is one of the basic operations in wheat processing and the largest power station. Stone mortar, stone mill, stone grinding, is the ancient grain crushing equipment, a variety of steel mill with the development of industrialization have emerged.

The emergence of roller mill is the revolutionary progress of wheat crushing equipment, its main feature is the selective crushing effect is good, after the crushing of the material temperature is low. At present, the roller mill is the main crushing equipment in the modern flour milling factory, with the industrial technology and automatic control technology development, its mechanical properties and the degree of automation has also been developed by leaps and bounds.

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Crushing is very important in the processing of food raw materials, such as wheat, barley malt, soybeans, dried potatoes, rice and other crushed.

The purpose of wheat crushing
(1)Reduce the particle size, facilitate the modulation to speed up the dissolution rate or improve the mixing uniformity, or re-create a new image to improve the taste of food, such as salt, sugar and other crushing.

(2)So that a variety of materials have similar particle size, to prevent a variety of powder mixed and then produce segregation (automatic grading) phenomenon, such as seasoning powder, milk powder, beverage powder.

(3)Selective pulverization in order to separate the components of the raw material particles, such as corn embryo, wheat flour and so on.

(4)Reduce the volume of material particles, easy to dry materials.

(5)Many food products require a certain size, in order to ensure the capacity of powder or pellets, the capacity of the packaging volume, instant solubility and order.

The pulverization of wheat is a selective pulverization, with the aim of stripping wheat, stripping its own structure, changing the shape and size of wheat and in-process products by means of special equipment, by means of mechanical forces, so that the endosperm and wheat, wheat germ effectively separated, and as far as possible do not contain the endosperm wheat and wheat germ, wheat and wheat germ not contain endosperm.
While the endosperm grinding into a certain size of the fine powder, and to ensure that the active ingredients of wheat (such as starch, protein, etc.) from damage.

According to the requirements of the process, for the crushing and milling of wheat crushing equipment should meet the following main requirements:

(1)With a lower power consumption, through a higher material flow, and to achieve a certain crushing effect.

(2)Crushing efficiency is high, that is, bran is not broken, the endosperm scrape the net, the powder out more slag, and can achieve a certain size.

(3)After crushing the material temperature rise will not be too high.

(4)Flexible adjustment, easy maintenance.

flour mill plant
Wheat Flour Milling Process
Wheat flour is a process of gradual smashing and sieving. The first mill grinding material is net wheat, wheat crushed, in addition to drying equipment with the drying of flour, but also divided into bran slices, wheat slag, wheat heart, coarse powder and other different products, These products contain varying degrees of endosperm.

Oatmeal is the presence of (18 ~ 22) W sieve on the flake with different degrees of endosperm; Wheat slag is a larger endosperm with wheat flour, its strength through (18 ~ 22) W, retained 32W; The heart is mixed with wheat leaves of the smaller endosperm particles, coarse wheat heart through the 32W, retained 42GG, that is, the size of the wheat core through the 42GG, retained 55GG; The coarse powder is a relatively pure particle size that passes through the 54GG and retains 9XX.

In order to obtain a good milling effect, these materials must be different strength and quality are different crushed, resulting in a different crushing system, the system in the process of milling play their respective roles.
In accordance with the above process, there are leather grinding system (B), slag grinding system (S), grinding system (M), cleaning powder system (P) and tail grinding system (T) and so on.

The role of grinding is to strip the grain, from the bran film on the wheat residue, wheat and coarse powder, and keep the bran film is not broken, so that the endosperm and wheat can be the largest separation, and put a small amount of flour.

Slag grinding system of wheat milling and other processing system is separated, and put forward the further separation of endosperm of wheat, the better the quality of wheat and coarse powder from the heart, into the heart grinding system is crushed into powder.
Powder cleaning system is to use powder cleaning machine screening and winnowing combined effects of heart in wheat wheat residue, leather and other grinding system, a mixture of coarse powder and bran as separate from each other, which can be disposed into the crushing system.
The grinding system is to grind the wheat heart and the coarse powder from the skin grinding, slag grinding and powder cleaning system into flour with a certain fineness.

The tail grinding system is located in the middle and back section of the grinding system, which deals with wheat flour with bran and inferior quality, and puts forward flour from it.

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