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What’s The Difference Between Roller Mill Flour and Stone Gr

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Roller mill flour is grains milled by either in opposing pairs or against flat plates. Roller grain mills are an alternative to traditional millstone arrangements in gristmills. Roller mills for rock complement other types of mills, such as ball mills and hammermills, in such industries as the mining and processing of ore and construction aggregate; cement milling; and recycling.
What’s The Difference Between Roller Mill Flour and Stone Ground Flour-Zhengzhou Double-lion

Stoneground flour is a wholemeal flour produced by the traditional process of grinding grain between two millstones, it is nothing new, it is the way flour was made for thousands for years before electricity came onto the scene, but lately, it’s having something of a renaissance. In contrast to mass produced flours which are generally produced using rollers. The process leaves the wheatgerm more intact than roller processes for producing wholemeal flour, the larger pieces of bran and other components of the grain cause it to have a coarser texture but greater flavour. This affects its ability to rise, however it can produce a more satisfying texture for some baked product. The inclusion of more bran and intact wheatgerm in the flour means that it is often credited with significant health benefits. 
What’s The Difference Between Roller Mill Flour and Stone Ground Flour-Zhengzhou Double-lion

Stone Ground Flour is considered by many people to be more nutritious than other flours.

1.The Nutritional Composition Is Obviously Different
Stone ground flour with two scientific hook slot stone grinder, grinding at low speed(24-26 r/min), low temperature(below 45℃) state, wheat germ, protein, carotene, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, Dietary fiber and other nutrients completely preserved, it does not require any additives to ensure the quality of flour. All other commercial flours, such as roller mill flour, however, are ground with high speed (500~800r/min) steel rollers, the heat (120℃) generated by these steel rollers strips destroys many of the vitamins and enzymes in the wheat.

What’s The Difference Between Roller Mill Flour and Stone Ground Flour-Zhengzhou Double-lion

2.The Stone Ground Flour Is More Natural, Roller Mill Flour Is More White
Due to the difference in the grinding process, the stone flour contains a large amount of carotene and dietary fiber, so the stone flour is naturally white and slightly yellowish. While, The roller mill flour appears very white for the using of high-speed and high pressure to take a lot of powder and too strong milling process. Therefore, a large number of various nutrients in the flour loss, the molecular structure of flour, starch chains are destroyed, reducing the stability of the flour, it is difficult to close, it is necessary to join the stabilizer.

What’s The Difference Between Roller Mill Flour and Stone Ground Flour-Zhengzhou Double-lion

3.Stone Ground Flour Have A Strong Flavor
From the taste point of aspect, stone ground flour due to grinding at low speed, low temperature conditions, and the grinding times is less,  retaining the molecular structure of the flour, without any additives, gluten, wheat germ flavor (wheat Fragrance essence) and so on can be retained.

4.Low Production of Stone Ground Flour, High Production of Roller Mill Flour
As the speed of roller milling flour is tens time of stone ground flour, so at the same time, the output of roller mill flour is 6-10 times the stone ground flour.

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