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Wheat Cleaning Is So Important In Flour Processing

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Why you should do cleaning before wheat flour processing?
Due to the limitation of current technical conditions, wheat will have impurities in the process of growth, harvesting, storage and transportation.

Why Wheat Cleaning Is So Important In Wheat Flour Processing-Zhengzhou Double-lion
a. In the growing season, due to too much rain leading to germination, moldy wheat, and wheat damaged by pests and diseases, these are all impurities in wheat, the incorporation of these wheat will affect the quality and smell of flour.
b.In addition, during the growing season, because of the selection of impure seeds of some weeds (such as coriander seeds, etc.), they will also be mixed into wheat. When the seeds of these weeds are mixed in, the flour will form black spots and affect the color of the flour.
c.During the harvest period, because there is no dedicated drying area, some stones, clods and other impurities will be mixed into the wheat, stones will damage the equipment, wheat straw will block the transmission pipeline, dust and sand will make the flour with impurities;
d. During the storage period, the quality and odor of flour will be affected due to fever, mildew and some pesticides in wheat.
Therefore, before making flour, we must clean up the wheat and thoroughly remove all kinds of impurities in the wheat in order to ensure the quality of flour, thus meeting the needs of the food industry and the people's life and ensuring the health of the people. And achieve the goal of production safety.
The wheat cleaning process is generally composed of four stages: preliminary cleaning, wheat cleaning,  water conditioning and net wheat processing.     

Wheat Cleaning Is So Important In Flour Processing|Double-lion Machinery
Preliminary Cleaning
The process of cleaning wheat before entering the barn is called primary clearance. In the preliminary cleaning, at least one primary screening sieve combined with a wind screen is required. The task of preliminary cleaning is to remove large impurities (wheat stalks, wheat ears, hemp ropes, wood chips, etc.) and some light and small impurities in wheat to prevent large impurities from clogging equipment inlets and outlets or conveying pipes, and to prevent dust from flying around.

The task of early Qing was to remove large impurities (wheat stalks, wheat ears, hemp ropes, wood chips, etc.) and some light and small impurities in wheat to prevent large impurities from clogging equipment inlets and outlets or conveying pipes, and to prevent dust from flying around.

Before entering the wheat warehouse, the wheat should pass an automatic scale in order to know the variety and quantity of wheat in time, to enter the warehouse in a planned way and to provide the basis for wheat collocation.

flour mill machine and flour mill plant design and manufacturer|double-lion Machinery
Wheat Cleaning
The process of cleaning from wheat warehouse to water regulation is called wheat cleaning. The task of cleaning up wheat is to separate impurities from wheat so that they can reach the standard of insanding clean wheat. Generally used screening, destoner, wheat washing, selection and magnetic separation equipment.
In the first step of wheat cleaning, a vibrating screen with air separator should be used. First to remove the large, small and light impurities. Then separate side stone, length impurity and surface cleaning, and pay attention to the interaction between the processes, and strive for a reasonable order. For example, after threshing the wheat should be followed by screening (with the wind separator) to separate the crushed impurities; Selection should be arranged after the shoulder stone has been removed to reduce wear and tear of the working members; Magnetic separation equipment should be installed before high-speed equipment to avoid accidents. In the clean-up stage of wheat cleaning, it is generally performed by using a rubbing machine or a vertical iron-sifting siever to avoid excessive scabbing.
There are two types of combinatorial procedures for wheat cleaning:
a.Dry cleaning - unwashed wheat process
Wheat after preliminary cleaning-Screening (with wind separation)-magnetic separation-wheat scour(lightly)-Screening (with wind separation)-Stone removal- concentration-humidity control, 

Wheat processing flow chart in details|double-lion Machinery
if the original grain contains more sand and stone, the destone process should be adjusted before the threshing machine to reduce the wear of the iron screen, the order is as follows:
Wheat after preliminary cleaning-Screening (with wind separation)-Stone removal-concentration-magnetic separation-wheat scour(lightly)-Screening (with wind separation)-humidity control
b.Wet cleaning (with washed wheat process)
Wheat after preliminary cleaning-Screening (with wind separation)-magnetic separation-wheat scour(lightly)-Screening (with wind separation)-magnetic separation-Stone removal and washing-humidity control
If wheat contains scab grains, effective measures should be taken to clear the wheat. Scab wheat grain proportion is small, bulk weight is light, 1000 grain weight is small. Mild scab infection of wheat grains, mycin mainly concentrated in the skin and aleurone layer. Seriously infected wheat grains are easily crushed. According to these characteristics, the methods of beating, screening and air selection can be strengthened to clear. According to the related data, there are also some using the iron roller rice mill to clean up with the method of grinding. After one grinding, the diseased wheat can be cleared about 50%, and after two grinding up to 70%. For wheat grains infected with smut and wheat with fumigants, it can be cleaned by wheat washing machine.

Water  Conditioning
In the flour mill with better conditions, the moisture should be adjusted according to the technical properties of wheat, and the water should be sprayed once before grinding to get better milling effect. 

When processing high moisture wheat (more than 14.5% soft wheat, more than 16% hard wheat) and no drying equipment, wheat washers should not be used. Just need put some water to moisten the surface of the wheat grain before the grain into the flour mill. When processing low-moisture wheat (10-11% or less), a water mixer or a strong water dispenser can be used.

Heating moisture regulation, in general, can shorten the duration of mulching, improve the quality of flour in soft wheat(not significant for hard wheat), and the increased equipment investment and production costs are economic benefits that cannot be obtained from the milling process. Therefore, this method should not be used under normal circumstances. However, in cold climate areas, especially in winter production, there is a certain advantage in heating and moisture regulation. Studies have shown that wheat is the best temperature for grinding at 20-25℃. Therefore, when the processing is less than 0℃ in the small sale, there should be a preheating device to heat the small sale to 15-20℃, and it is appropriate to use warm water. If hard wheat is used to process the core wheat flour, in order to maintain the crystal structure of the endosperm, the moisture of the endosperm should not be made too large, and at the same time, the cortex should be required to have a large amount of moisture so that the endosperm and the cortex can be easily separated.

In the adjustment of moisture, we must limit the wheat wetting time to 4-6 hours (maximum of not more than 8 hours), 2-3 times with water moist wheat. The first and second wheat wetting time were each 2-3 hours, and the third time wheat wetting is before the wheat into the mill, the water weighed 0.2-0.5% and the wheat was moistened for 30 minutes. The average moisture content of ground wheat is 16-17%. If the time is too long, the endosperm will absorb too much water, it will not only affect the yield of wheat flour, but also affect the luster of the powder.

Net Wheat Processing 
The cleaning process of wheat after moisture conditioning to skin grinding is called net wheat processing.  It is in order to ensure the quality of the wheat into the mill, improve the purity of the product, and further clean up the wheat. Net wheat processing mainly uses hit, sieve, brush combined wind and other equipment. Wheat can be properly beaten with a vertical iron siever.  Brush wheat can further clean up the surface of wheat grain and reduce ash content. In order to ensure the separation efficiency of magnetic impurities, a permanent magnet drum should be used for magnetic separation before wheat is introduced into the mill. 
Wheat after wetting-magnetic separation-wheat scour(heavily)-Screening (with winnowing)-magnetic separation-Clear wheat warehouse-skin grind
flour processing equipment and flour mill plant design and manufacturer|Double-lion Machinery
Although the above combination of cleaning processes is the basic requirement for the processing of standard powders, on this basis, according to the specific circumstances, appropriate adjustments to certain equipment and its characteristics, and to strengthen the operation, is also suitable for processing of high-quality powder cleaning process requirements.

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