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How to Set Up A profitable Flour Mill Plant

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1. Introduction to Wheat Flour Mill Plant
A flour  mill plant is  a  process  industry  to  mill  wheat  and   maida, sooji, and atta. The skin or bran is separated from the endosperm and sold as cattle feed.

2. Market of Wheat Flour
Since wheat is a staple food among all segments of the population, there is  a  constant demand  in  the  consumer   market  for  wheat  products  and  the demand for these is always on the increase.

3. Packaging of Wheat Flour
Maida,  Sooji   and  Atta  are   packed  in  50kg bags.   For  the  retail commercial market, 500 grams and 1 kilogram packaging are adopted.

wheat flour packing


4. Production capacity of Wheat Flour Mill Plant
Zhengzhou Double-Lion Grain Oil Machinery Co.,ltd has rich experience in designing and manufacturing wheat flour mill machine and wheat flour mill plants with capacity from 10T to 500 T per day(24 working hours)
The recovery of finished products will be equivalent to the raw material input.
The output of various fractions is termed as extraction percentages. A typical extraction comprises 60% refined flour or maida; 10% semolina or sooji; 7% resultant meal or atta and 13% bran.

5. Production Process of A whole Wheat Flour Plant
The milling of wheat is basically divided into two sections viz:- cleaning section and the milling section. The milling section comprises the chaff remover; destoner; scourer; washing machine; intensive dampener; and cockle separator. In the cleaning section, wheat is cleaned thoroughly before milling. Wheat is first passed through sieves to remove chaff and stalks. From the chaff separator it passes through a scouring machine wherein adhering dirt and mud and a part of the skin are removed. From the scourer, the wheat passes through the destoner and stones are completely separated from the grain. The grains are then fed into the washing machine where dust,  husk and  mud  balls are removed. The washed wheat is sent through a dampened to raise the moisture content of the grain and  then  for  conditioning.  After  conditioning for 36 hours, it is drawn for milling. The grain passes through a series of  milling rolls comprising the break rolls,  scratch  rolls,  and  the  polish  rolls,  purifiers,  and  plan  sifters  to  get  the desired fractions at the required percentages.

wheat destoning machine

6. Quality Specifications
•   The different product shall conform to the following specifications:
•   Atta:- Moisture -13.5% maximum; Ash - 2% maximum; Acid insoluble ash - 0.18% maximum; Gluten - 6% minimum; Alcoholic acidity - 0.18% maximum; Rodent excreta and human hair - absent.
•   Maida:- Moisture -13.5% maximum; Ash - 1% maximum; Acid insoluble ash - 0.10% maximum; Gluten - 7.5% minimum; Alcoholic acidity - 0.12% maximum; Rodent excreta and human hair - absent.
•   Sooji:- Moisture -13.5% maximum; Ash - 1% maximum; Acid insoluble ash - 0.15% maximum; Gluten - 6.0% minimum; Alcoholic acidity - 0.18% maximum; Rodent excreta and human hair - absent.

flour mills

7. Costing of machinery and equipment 
Preparatory section
a)  Chaff separator     
b)  Scourer
c)  Destoner
d)  Washing machine
e)  Intensive dampeners
f)   Elevators and conveyors
g)  Motors for above machines
Process section
h)  Roller machine
i)   Purifiers
j)   Plansifter
k)  Pneumatic elevation system with pipings
l)   Bran finisher
m)  Motor and accessories
n)  Tool kit, weighing scales and accessories.

flour cleaning machine

Testing equipment
The Total Plant Costs can be from 20,000 USD to 450,000 USD.
We supply workshop and plant drawings according to your requirement, all the machines and plants price are competitive and affordable. Welcome your inquiry and tell us your need. 

wheat flour mill plant

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