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Different Wheat Has Different Use For Flour Mills

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Wheat is a food crop widely grown all over the world. It is one of the world's three largest cereals. Production is almost entirely consumed, and only about one-sixth of it is used as feed. In 2013, wheat was the third-largest food crop in the world (713 million tons), second only to corn (8.44 million tons) and rice (745 million tons).
Wheat is one of the main foods for human beings. After grinding into flour, it can be made into bread, taro, biscuits, cakes, noodles, fritters, oil cakes, fire, sesame, pancakes, dumplings, dumplings, steamed buns, dumplings, egg rolls, instant noodles, rice cakes, Italian pasta, Gusmy, udon noodles, pasta and other foods; after fermentation can be made into beer, alcohol, vodka, or biomass fuel.

Different Wheat For Flour Milling Plant

Category:Hard Red Winter Wheat
Origin:United States
Features:Brown color and bullet shaped appearance, which contains the source of protein, dietary fibers, manganese and selenium.
Application:Excellent milling and baking characteristics for pan bread, noodles, hard rolls, flat breads, tortillas, general purpose flour and cereal.
 Different Wheat Has Different Use For Flour Mills-Zhengzhou Double-lion
Category:Hard Red Spring Wheat
Origin:United States
Features:Reddish-brown color and bullet shaped appearance, it is a good source of protein, dietary fibers, manganese and selenium.
Application:Hearth breads, rolls, croissants, bagels and pizza crust, Asian noodles, and other baked goods.
 Different Wheat Has Different Use For Flour Mills|Double-lion Machinery
Category:Softer Red Winter
Origin:United States
Features:Contains low to medium levels of protein and soft endosperm
Application:In the production of cake flour, pastry flour, self-raising flour, cookies, crackers, pretzels, etc..
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Category:Softer White
Origin:United States
Features:Low moisture and with high extraction rates, lower in protein and higher in carbohydrates, has little to no gluten content
Application:Soft white wheat flour pastry flour, making pastries, cookies, cakes, pancakes and waffles, etc.
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Category:Hard White
Origin:United States
Features:Low in moisture, high in protein, long term storage.
Application:It can be ground and used to make breads, rolls, tortillas, bulgur, noodles and more.
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Origin:United States
Features:Hardest in all the wheats, has a rich amber color with high protein content and gluten strength.
Application:Premium pasta, couscous and some Mediterranean breads.
 flour processing equipment design and manufacturer|Double-lion Machinery
Category:Soft White Wheat
Origin: Australia;
Features:White flour, low gluten, long L - value;
 How to start a flour mill plant_Double-lion Machinery
Category: Denmark Black Wheat
Origin: Denmark
Features: Low gluten and long L-value
Application: nutritional snacks.
Wheat Structure
Wheat grain is anatomically divided into three main parts: skin, endosperm, embryo;
Skin: wheat skin is divided into six layers: epidermis, exocarp, endocarp, seed coat, bead core, and aleurone layer.
The outer five layers of the cortex contain more crude fiber, less nutrients, and it is difficult for the human body to digest and absorb. The aleurone layer has richer nutritional value than the other five layers and has less crude fiber content.
The production of low-grade flour can make the aleurone layer into the flour as much as possible, which can increase the flour extraction rate, but it should not be ground into the flour when producing high-grade flour.
Endosperm: The endosperm consists of starch cells, which are the basic part of the flour. The higher the endosperm content of wheat, the higher the wheat flour yield.
There are basically two different structures of endosperm, which can be divided into keratin endosperm and silty endosperm according to their internal distribution.
Embryo: The embryo consists of the blastoderm, germ, and radicle. The embryo is the most active part of the wheat's life.
Embryo contains a lot of protein, fat, more active enzymes, such as into the flour, will affect the color of the flour, easy to degenerate during storage, but also have adverse effects on the baking of flour. Therefore, when grinding high-grade flour, it should not be ground into powder. It should be proposed separately.
Because wheat germ has extremely high nutritional value and use value, it can be used as advanced nutrition and pharmaceuticals.
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Flour Milling Process
  1. Grain Receiving, Storage & Handling
  2. Grain Cleaning
  3. Pre-clean Storage
  4. Tempering
  5. Break system-Separates wheat into component
  6. Purification system- Sorts particles based on size, air resistance, and specific gravity
  7. Reduction system- Fine grinding system
  8. Finishes flour
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