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Ocrim VS Ugur Flour Milling

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The most innovative technologies of milling
Many products-technologies have been launched as innovation in milling industry in the recent years. Some of them present small developments in available models; some present agricultural innovations and some present revolutionary technologies. One of them is Novitious roll machine which Selis Machinery developed and launched in IDMA 2015 Exhibition. Having a quite innovative technology named as Dynamic Angular Positioning System, Novitious managed to be approved by the whole sector including the competing leader technology producers in the industry.
Innovation presents competitive advantage and it increases profitability. Companies which develop innovative products can proceed more rapidly both in local and international markets if they can apply the innovation in products and service areas. When the well-known leading companies (like Ocrim and Ugur) considered it is seen that they spare a significant source and time for R&D. It proves that any success is coincidence.

How to Select a Most Reliable Flour Mill Machine, Ocrim or Ugur Which is Better?
Ocrim Technologies and Innovation Development
Continuing an age-old family tradition in flour milling, Mr. Guido Grassi founded Ocrim in 1945. Ocrim’s activity is concentrated in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art milling complexes to give high production yields, product adaptability, low operating costs, maximum reliability while guaranteeing the utmost sanitation standards through the use of stainless steel.
The important investments made by Ocrim are the demonstration of its will to grow. Many are its activities all around the world-in particular, milling plants, feed mills, bio-ethanol plants, silos, cereal conveying lines and electrical installations; but the underlying factor in all this is the industrialisation-in other words the standardisation-of production processes in order to cut primary costs, thus offering competitive prices without jeopardising product quality.

Unique Design, Accurateness and Knowledge

One of the most outstanding innovations in the recent time is Ocrim’s Superior Time roller. OCRIM presented the Superior Time line for the first time at IPACK-IMA 2015 during the event “GRANO, FARINA E” (“Wheat, Flour and…”) held on the 21st of May. This new line represents the actualization of the experimentation and employment of different materials. The representatives of Ocrim say about the machine as follows: “It is the outcome of a productive path, which has brought to the development of a machine line studied item by item. This important goal represents the synthesis of the genius and professional wisdom of each Ocrim team member who has taken part into this project, a project carried out paying attention to the design, technic and mechanic.
How to Select a Most Reliable Flour Mill Machine, Ocrim or Ugur Which is Better?

Innovation and tradition
The name of the new OCRIM machine line, Superior Time, represents the actualization of an important example that comes from the past. The graphic of the two logos, the present and the previous one, identifies the will to confirm the way of working that is still the same since passion, competence and attention in producing is always the same. In fact, Superior is the name used by Ocrim in the 50s to indicate the single structure mills installed inside low buildings and sold all over the world.
The technological advancement of these decades has strengthened and helped the work of the technicians, engineers and of the ones who have driven this project. Technical and engineering expertise has actualized a work that is done with head and hands through a futuristic approach in line with the times.

Innovative design
The sinuous design of Ocrim Superior Time machines has the aim to describe the experience and research that have given life and shape to them. The quality of a product is the result of the intelligence, knowledge and competence of the ones who realize it. Its shape, design and chromatic harmony are indispensable elements for a long coexistence between man and machine.

Centrifugal impactor
The new Superior Time DCI-S breaks down medium and fine durum wheat and regrinding passage plates. The breaking down action, obtained through knocking, increases productivity and at the same time improves yield and the degree of water absorption in the flour.
Internally manufactured in stainless steel, it is characterized by a flat rotor, with 3 series of screwed in pins to break up the plates. The rotor is dynamically balanced and fitted on the motor shaft. It can be assembled on the floor or suspended from the ceiling.”
Ugur Technologies and Innovation Development
Ugur Makina has 59 years of experience in producing high-quality flour, semolina, feed, maize and rice mills; salt-processing equipment; and pasta lines (shortcut or spachetti). It builds sugar refineries, steel construction, steel silos, and turnkey facilities. The company serves customers from more than 60 countries.
The company offers technology know-how, engineering and diagram application, processing plant construction and start-up, education in various fields, after-sale services, a guarantee of spare part supply, flowsheets, general layouts and complete construction drawing, steel construction and reinforced concrete construction drawing, and a project and development department.

How to Select a Most Reliable Flour Mill Machine, Ocrim or Ugur Which is Better?

High capacity, performance and sensitivity

Ugur Makina is one of the milling technology producers which have the most developed distribution and marketing infrastructure in the world. The latest technology of Ugur Makina which managed to establish a factory or to install machinery in nearly every part of the world is Cleanmax-4 grain separator. Clean raw material is essential for a good final product. Ugur Makine launches Cleanmax-4 as the most efficient and successful pre-cleaning system in the world.

Effective cleaning
Cleanmax-4 which is a challenging technology in terms of high quality, capacity, performance and sensitivity provides an effective cleaning capability. Having a multi-layer sifting system, the sieves of machine are easy and quick to clean and change. Providing maximum safety and ease of use to the user, Cleanmax-4 has high capacity air canal and high efficient aspiration system. Having screw conveyor system for glume in air cabinet, the machine has also an aesthetic view. Providing minimum maintenance costs, Cleanmax is a grain separator which enables easy classification in cleaning.

Maximum energy saving, high performance

Omas is another leader technology producer which has presented its new roller mill recently. The machine which Omas named as LEONARDO 02 was designed to achieve the best possible milling performance with the highest energy efficiency. To achieve this goal, research and tests of 2 years was conducted with the R&D department which is having extensive knowledge on energy consumption improvement on mechanical machinery. OMAS Leonardo roller mill will have new drives arrangement with different speed to produce a better extraction of flours compared with conventional which utilized fixed speed in grain milling.

Optimum grinding process
Their main task is to optimize the milling process of different intermediate passages where the grains, middling, semolina and fractional parts have different size, texture and specific weight and are therefore in need of unindividual setting of the rolls ratio to perform the milling operation at its best.
With the new LEONARDO 02, the mechanical project begins with uninnovative roll drive unit. Each roll will be driven by mean of a coaxial directly coupled electric motor. This drive will have modular and variable speed; will be belt free, therefore with highest energy efficiency. The motor stator will fitted on the machine frame while the rotor will be coupled with the rolls shaft. This arrangement will provide a unique saving ensuring both the highest milling performance and the highest power saving.

30 percent less energy
The power consumption of the Leonardo 02 roller mill will be 30 % compared with the conventional roller mill belt drive mechanism. It is thought that the 30 % power saving will create a high impact on the flour production costs reduction and will allow to get access to government funds for improving the energetic efficiency of the milling plant.
The newly developed drive arrangement will avoid the need of V and toothed belts , pulleys , motor chairs and machines floor fixtures such us Bauer rails od Single Shaft motor suspension. This will cause not only a saving on the material and cost of the machine itself, but also on the required installation time. The absence of belts will definitely kill the need of wearing spares and the maintenance costs as well. Although the overall dimension of the machinery is equal to the conventional one both the additional saving on the number of building floors and Sensible noise reduction is reached.
Each brand has its own unique advantages, I believe that after reading the above analysis, you already have your choice.
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