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Stone Grinding Flour Mill Plant

Stone Grinding Mills Introduction
The growing demand for organic and health food containing dietary fibre has led to a renewed interest in traditional stone grinding of cereals. Flour produced on our stone grinding mills contains all the natural vitamins, minerals and ballast substances and can be used for baking without further processing. Compared with steel mill, the stone mill with low speed, low temperature when do the milling, thus to save the nutrition of wheat, such as protein, gluten and so on. The content of carotene and vitamin E is 18 times than the common steel mill flour.
flour mill machine   stone grinding mills
 Stone Grinding Mills Description
The equipment uses the most advanced processing technology, the production process can be divided into three steps:
1.Cleaning workshop process: This process includes thrice sieving, twice hit, twice destone, once select, thrice magnetic separation, once dampening. Cleaning out the middle and small impurity from grain. This section is to  prepare for milling part and to protect the machinery as well. The process has good cleaning effect, high output, low power consumption, good dust removal effect and no dust outside.
2. Flour milling process: Adopt 4 skin grinding, 7 core grinding, 1 grinding mill, 2 tail, 2 beat, 1 brush, 5 clear flour, 3 skin, 4 skin, 1 core grinding powder process.
3. Packing process: Use quantitative automatic packing machine for weighting and packing the flour into bags.
stone grain mill      stone grinding mill-flour mill plant
 Stone Grinding Mills Features
1.Roller mills are manufactured precisely and controlled by pneumatic mode. It can make better grinding effect comparing with other ordinary mills.
2.Complete sets of wheat flour processing machine adopt various configuration modes for different choices. There are streamlined design, reasonable layout, beautiful performance. It can be installed on a steel frame structure o in a building structure.
3. The flour processing machine is with advanced technical process and flexible adjustment. It can produce grade flour and special flour etc.
4.Perfect after-sales service is also supplied for complete set of flour processing machine.

flour processing plantstone flour mill-flour mill plant
Stone Grinding Mills Application
This machine mainly used to produce grade 1 flour, grade 2 flour and other kinds of special flour for food. It can produce co-production grade flours.
This equipment has lower investment, quick return, high effect, lower energy consumption, high efficiency.

Stone Ground Flour Features
1. Selected high-quality wheat producing areas, high quality and strong gluten, no pollution of hard wheat.
2. Without adding any additives.
3. Micro yellow (for the stone flour process, wheat bran and wheat heart co-production, which contain a small amount of wheat bran, and there are a lot of carotene and dietary fiber;)
4. Preserved the original taste of wheat, a variety of cooked wheaten food  with stone flour has advantages of taste flexibility, strong aroma, with the production of a variety of stone flour pasta taste flexibility, strong aroma, with “coarse grain nutrition, flour and rice taste”;
5. Stone flour by low temperature, low speed grinding, nutrients of wheat will not destroy the wheat, to maximize the retention of nutrients in wheat. Regular consumption has a lot of health effects for human, and has greatly auxiliary  curative effect for hypertension, high blood sugar, high blood fat and other three patients.

Working Video of Stone Griding Mills