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DLWF30 Flour Mill Plant

30T Flour Milling Plant (DLWF30) Introduction

This set of machines has high efficiency and low energy consumption, which is designed by our professional engineers. The machine has high output rate with good quality flour. 

Complete set of wheat or maize flour machine can be divided into THREE parts:

1. Cleaning Part

2. Milling Part

3. Packing Part

30TPDflour mill plant-zhengzhou double-lion

1. Cleaning Part 
To clean out the middle and small impurity from wheat. e.g., dust, stone, magnetic material, wheat was bitten by insect and so on. Includes beating, screening, destoner, magnetic separator  and dampening. This section is to prepare for milling part and to protect the machinery as well.

wheat cleaning part

2. Milling part
 The second step, to mill the grain and separate the flour, bran and other by-product:
(1) Mill: mill the grain to break the integrity by the roller moving.
(2) Sifter: to separate the flour,bran and other by-product, also separate large size and small size to ensure flour quality.

wheat milling part

3. Packing part 
The third step, the packing machine can be manual or automatic weighting and packing.

wheat flour packing part

4. PLC controlling system
 To controlling the whole set of machinery to work well and showing the process of working.

30T wheat flour plant

How to set up an 30TPD flour mill plant

How to set up an 30TPD flour mill plant

How to set up an 30TPD flour mill plant

30T/24 Hours Wheat Flour Plant Technical Parameter

Model DLWF30
Flour Milling Process thrice skins and thrice core
Milling Machine Model/Number 6F2240/2
Cone Sieve Number 5
Handing Capacity(T/24h) 30
Power(kW) 64-74
Workshop Dimension(m) 12×7×4.5
Weight(T) 7
Packing Box Number 3

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1.Q: Which kind flour mill you can processed ?  And the output ? 
   A: we can offer wheat flour mill and maize/corn flour mill with the capacity of 5TD-500TD. 

2.Q: what is the basic processing step ? 
   A: Full automatic line : 
      Cleaning the raw material----Milling the material into flour----Packing the flour into bags. 

3.Q:Which kind of wheat we can use in the processing line ?  
   A: Durum wheat,  Hard wheat, Soft wheat 

4.Q:Which kind final products we can get from the wheat flour mill?  And the usage of the products ? 
   A: Semolina(very high gluten)-----Pasta 
       Strong flour (gluten >13%)------Bread 
       Plain flour (gluten 9%-12%)-------Noodle,Steamed bread 
       Soft flour (gluten<8%)------Cake ,Biscuit

5.Q :Which kind final products we can get from the maize/corn flour mill ?And the usage of the products? 
  A: Maize flour------Food
      Maize grits (meal)-----Beer and porridge
      Maize germ-------Oil
      Bran and animal fodder-----Animal feed

DLWF30 Flour Milling Plant Working Video