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DLWF40 Flour Mill Plant

This 40T/D Flour Mill Plant (DLWF40) is designed by Zhengzhou Double-lion wheat flour machine manufacturer, which has reached the advanced level. With its unique technology of cleaning, it can produce all sorts of highly precision atta, maida flour according to India, Bangladesh and Pakistan marketThis flour mill plant can produce national standard wheat flour with flour production rate of 75%-80%.  It is welcomed deeply by the customers since put on the market. 

40T/D Flour Mill Plant Installed In India

40T flour mill plant in Indian, used to produce atta, maida according go India market

How to Set Up A 40TPD Flour Mill Plant-Zhengzhoudoublelion

Zhengzhou Double-lion Grain and Oil Machinery Co.,ltd have installed thousands of flour mill projects and we welcome your visit to our factory and running cases at any time.

 We can provide flowchart and help you design workshop at free of charge. Contact Me Now!

How to Set Up A 40TPD Flour Mill Plant-Zhengzhoudoublelion


How to Set Up A 40TPD Flour Mill Plant-Zhengzhoudoublelion

What Would be the Detailed Wheat Milling Process?

Wheat is first cleaned thoroughly to remove dust, stone and other foreign matters. Then clean wheat is tempered before grinding by treating with water so that the bran is separated from the endosperm. The tempered wheat is crushed between corrugatedrollers (Break rolls). The first break rolls are set relatively far apart to grind the wheat lightly, while successive break yield finer and finer products. The first break is separated by sieving or bolting in to very fine particles (flour), intermediate particles(middlings) and coarse particles (stock). The stock is then sent to second break rolls. This process may continue through 5 to 6 breaks. The stock contains pieces of endosperm and bran and the stock from the last break is principally bran. The middlingscontain endosperm, bran and germ which are then successively classified and some of the bran removed are sent to reduction rollers. These are smooth rollers, but like the break rolls they are graduated so that successive reduction becomes finer and finer. After each reduction, sifters separate the flour, middling and stock, this process is continued until most of the endosperm has been removed as flour and most of the bran has been separated in the sifters.

Why Choose Zhengzhou Double-lion Flour Mill Plant?

1. Each machine is manufactured by professional experience staff.

2. Production process is under strict supervision and adopts China and world top production engineering.

3. The warranty time is 1 years. Quick-wear part is excluded. When warranty date expires, lifetime maintenance service is provided.

4. 100% QC inspection Before Shipment.

5. Best Quality & Best Service with Competitive price.

Q: How can I pay my order?
A: We accept T/T, Western Union , Alibaba Trade assurance. Especially Alibaba Trade assurance. Which is guaranteed by Alibaba, it is more safe and effective. For those orders less than 500USD, we also can accept PayPal payment.
Q: Can you show how the machine works?
A: Certainly, we will send you the Operating video & instruction to you together with machines, to help you use the machines better.
Q: How can I know your machine works well?
A: Before delivery, we will test and adjust the machine working condition for you, then you can use directly when you get it.
Q: Do you have a ISO certificate?
A: For every model of machine, it has a ISO certificate.

40T/24Hours Wheat Milling Plant  Technical Parameters

Model DLWF40
Structural Style Steel frame construction
Cleaning Process vibrating screen, washing machine
Flour Milling Process four skins ,three core and a slag
Milling Machine Model/Number 6F2240/4 sets
6F2235/4 sets
Square Sieve Number 83 Type/3
Handing Capacity(T/D) 40
Power(kW) 109-115
Workshop Dimension(m) 15×8×4.5
Weight(T) 10
Packing  3 container
Working Video of 40TPD Wheat Flour Mill Plant