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DLWF300 Flour Mill Plant

DLWF300 Flour Mill Plant Introduction
This wheat flour mill plant is advanced and has complete process combination, good classification effect, high flour quality, high yield, easy operation and maintenance, this wheat flour milling machine factory has high grade, large scale, it can produce grade powder, special flour. It is especially suitable for large and medium-sized wheat roller mill machine factory.

Zhengzhou Double-lion Grain and Oil Machinery Co.,ltd have installed thousands of wheat mill plants and we welcome your visit to our factory and running cases at any time.
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Flour mill plant

300T/D Flour Mill Plant(DLWF300) Technological Process
300T/D wheat flour machine factory cleaning workshop of wheat cleaning process is divided into three screen, two hit, two destone, a selection, a water tempering, a wheat washing sequence, a spray of water, five wet wheat winnowing, a brush cleaning process. The process is similar to the 300T/D wheat cleaning process, the difference is that the wheat cleaning adopts a cleaning process 300T/D, the net cleaning section is divided into two separate daily treatment of wheat, 150 tons of clean production lines, respectively, for the milling room A, B production line.

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300-500T/D flour mill plant technical process

300T/D Flour Mill Plant Milling Process

Description: the workshop is divided into A, B two lines, each line production capacity of 150 tons per day of net processing, the basic process of the two lines are the same.

14 sets of FMFQ×2 Pneumatic Flour Mill, 6 sets of FSFG6×24 Square Plansifter, 4 sets of FQFD60×2×3 Flour Cleaning Machine, 2 sets of FDMW 45×2 Horizontal Bran Machine, 3 sets of Bran Brushing Machine, 15 sets of impact loose powder machine. The process is similar to the 300 tons of wheat production process flow chart. The powder path using 5B, 7M, 2S, 2T, 6P process, Among them 3B, 4B cent thick and thin grind, 5B only set fine leather mill.

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 300T/D of flour mill clean-up flow chart
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 300T/D Milling flow chart

 Video of 300-500T/D Flour Mill Plant

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A: Before delivery, we will test and adjust the machine working condition for you, then you can use directly when you get it.
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A: For every model of machine, it has a ISO certificate.