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TGFY Rotary Feeder

TGFY Series Rotary Feeder Introduction
Based on the absorption of Italian advanced structure and self-improvement, the machine is important equipment in pneumatic conveying and dust ventilation network. The main structure is the rotary impeller, which is not only responsible for delivery of materials, but also for seal. As a wind closure and discharging device, it is widely used in the pneumatic conveying network of grain, food, feed, chemical industry and transportation.
rotary feeder/flour mill plant
TGFY Series Rotary Feeder Features
1. General combination of dual purpose fan series products are new generation of hi-tech products, which are made based on continuous effort paid by the enterprise, and tight cooperation with the major national food processing enterprises in the last two decades.
2. The product takes advantages in compact structure, good appearance, high mechanical efficiency, smooth transmission, low noise, reliable operation, easy installation and maintenance.
3. It is generally used in pneumatic conveying and pipeline network discharging under positive or negative state in rice milling, wheat milling, feed machinery and starch, pharmaceutical, chemical, dust and other industry.


TGFY Series Rotary Feeder Classification
The rotary feeder is divided into three categories of ordinary type, pressure type and high temperature resistant type.
1. Average pattern: can be used in normal materials at or below the temperature of 80 degrees; continuously and uniformly feeding the tube; in the systematically and separately dust-collecting system, it can be used as an unloader.
2. Anti-pressure type: exploiting enclosed rotor; widely used in pneumatic conveying system and negative pressure conveying equipment of ceiling type, pressure feed type; preventing air pressure inside the tube from leaking, ensuring safe delivery and collection of materials; voltage endurance.
3. High temperature resistance type: Since temperature rising of material conveying and material outlet has great impact on volume expansion, and is harmful to bearing and oil sealing system, the plant have designed high-temperature resistance type with exposed structure. The body part and chambers touching with materials can be separated, so the bearing and oil sealing system can be protected from alternating temperature and keep working. The product can not only resist high temperature, but also convey and accept temperature-absorbing material and metallic powder.

TGFY Series Rotary Feeder Working Principle
Rotary feeder is installed in the material outlet of a discharger under the operating mode of negative pressure. The upper part receives the materials released by discharger, and is responsible for seal, preventing from air input during the process of pneumatic conveying, and guarantee discharger working normally.
TGFY Series Rotary Feeder Technical Parameters
Specifications TGF165 TGF220 TGF250
Impeller diameter 165 220 250
Capacity (liters) 2.8 5 7
Supporting power 0.15-0.2 0.2-0.25 0.25-0.3