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TDSY Buck Conveyor

TDSY Buck Conveyor Introduction
TDSY series conveyor is mainly used for bulk and packaging of small angle tilt conveyor. It is suitable for grain storage, food processing, feed processing,flour mill plant and other enterprises in the bulk, transport packaging, handling, palletizing, warehouse and other operations for the store. It can also be used in the station, dock, coal, sand stone factory and other part of the packaging or bulk material yard. Our factory can according to user needs, design the production efficiency of equipment.
mobile belt conveyor/flour mill plant
various mobile belt conveyor/flour mill plant
TDSY Buck Conveyor Main Structure
Master frame conveyor belt,lifting bodies,belt drive mechanism,gear train,roller composition.Bulk grain-type machine can be further equipped with the first toss.
TDSY Buck Conveyor Features
* Transmission efficiency, it can work continuously, stable at a full loading condition.
* Widely using, non-corrosive materials, small particles it can be carried out bulk package delivery.
* Transitional light and flexible transition, it can quickly switch to yards.
* With automatic lift function, it can adjust the height according to the working condition.