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FSFJ Single-Cabin Plansifter

FSFJ Single-Cabin Plansifter Introduction
FSFJ single-cabin plansifter is a compact and lightweight machine which mainly applied in small and medium-sized food processing plants, such as flour mill machine factory, feed milling products, corn milling products, ect. It can classify and sieve multiple granular and pulverous materials, and take advantages in large sieving area, good appearance, and convenient installation, etc.
FSFJ Single-Cabin Flour Plansifter-Leading Factory of Wheat/Corn Milling Machine,Flour Milling Plants
plan sifter machine used in the wheat flour milling factory
FSFJ Single-Cabin Plansifter Working Principle
The machine is driven by amotor which installed underside of the main frame and conter-balanced by a counter weight. There are single section type, double sections and 4 sections type in this machine series. According to individual design for different material, the sieve sifts different graular materials to different next passages in maida flour plant  when the whole machine in running.

FSFJ Single-Cabin Plansifter Application
FSFJ single-cabin plansifter is widely used in food processing plant, starch factory, roller flour mill plant and feed dealers. It is suitable to grading all kinds of gravimetrics. The machine needs small power but has high productivity, well-sealed and dust-free. 

 plansifter flour mill used in the wheat presser factory|double-lion Machinery

FSFJ Single-cabin Plansifter Features
  1. Excellent manufacture and reasonable design
  2. No material leak out for reliable pressure.
  3. Easy installation and easy disassembly
  4. Application is widely.
FSFJ Single-cabin Plansifter Technical Data

Model Layer Capacity(t/h) Power
Sieve size(L×W)(mm) Weight
FSFJ 83×10 10 2-3 1.1 830×830 350 1280×1280×1880
FSFJ 83×12 12 2.5-4 1.1 1000×1000 500 1450×1450×1880
FSFJ 100×12 12 3-5 1.5 1200×1200 630 1650×1650×1880