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FDMW Horizontal Bran Brusher

FDMW Horizontal Bran Brusher Machine Introduction
This efficiency horizontal wheat grinding, brushing machine is a kind of newly developed product and is suitable for the flour mill cleaning system in wheat flour mill plant. It can separate the powder attached on the bran, reduce the amount of powder containing on the bran and reduce the skin mill load, improve the grinding efficiency and the rate of powder. This machine has advantages of long service life time, good cleaning effect, large production capacity, low noise, good sealing property, simple operation.
FDMW Horizontal Wheat Bran Finisher-Leading Factory of Wheat Milling Machine,Flour Milling Plants
horizontal bran finisher machine used in the flour milling plant

FDMW Horizontal Bran Machine Working Principle
The material under the high-speed rotation of the adjustable plate hit, the bran was thrown to the buffer plate and the elastic screen, under many times action of beater, the flour separated from the bran, then through the sieve fall into the discharge hopper, at the same time, obtaining high quality wheat bean powder with a small amount of powder.

FDMW Horizontal Bran Machine Features
  1. High quality steel plate made of the shell, beautiful appearance.
  2. The rotor and spindle, after a check of dynamic balance.
  3. Imported bearings, high precision, long service life.
  4. Stable operation, low noise, low power consumption.
  5. The special elastic screen ensure the increase of screen efficient use dramatically.
  6. The structure is simple and the maintenance is convenient.
FDMW Horizontal Bran Machine Application
  1. For the front middle ground system to process large pieces bran separated by coarse screening, cleanup the endosperm adhered to the bran chip, lighten the load of posterior skin grinding system, improve grinding efficiency.
  2. For posterior skin grinding system, clean the residue particles of bran, reduce the amount of bran powder, increase the rate of powder.

FDMW Horizontal Bran Machine Technical Parameter

FDMW30×1 FDMW30×2 FDMW45×1 FDMW45×2
Output(t/h) 0.9 1.8 1.5 3
Power(kw) 2.2 4.4 5.5 11
Weight(kg) 220 440 320 640
Diemension(L×W×H mm) 1315×540×1305 1315×1076×1305 1685×625×1575 1685×1215×1575