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Wheat Scourer

Horizontal Wheat Scourer Introduction
FDMG horizontal wheat scourer is mainly used in the first or second cleaning processes in order to remove the dust hiding in the groove which is on the surface of wheat, remove mud in wheat, awn and abdominal adhesion dust in the ditch, eggs and other impurities. The horizontal wheat scourer is generally outfitted by having an aspiration funnel or perhaps recycling aspiration funnels at its outlet, They are able to effectively remove detached shell contaminants or surface contamination in the grain. Wheat scourer is effective programs in the foremost and second cleaning section for that surface management of wheat, durum and rye. Using the appropriate rotor and screen jacket designs, the wheat scourer can also be effectively being requested intensive durum hunting and oats processing. It has a good rub effect, good sealing, convenient maintenance, long bearing life, good looking appearance. Through adjustment distance between the tooth plate, it can achieve the need to wipe the light and heavy.

FDMG wheat cleaning scourer/flour mill plant
wheat cleaning machine wheat scourer
Horizontal Wheat Scourer Application
1. FDMG series of horizontal wheat scourer is one of the ideal flour milling machines to clean dry wheat.
2. It can smash the clods in the wheat and smash and remove the deteriorated wheat with low strength.
3. The machine can clean the dust on the surface of wheat and remove the mud, sand and awn in the wheat.
4. The smashed mud and fine impurities will be separated through the holes in the sieve and will be discharge through the dust outlet. Especially when processing flour of certain grades, the horizontal wheat scourer is a necessary piece of equipment to reduce the ash content in flour and improve the purity.
5. Many horizontal wheat scourer also have been used to clean the rapeseeds and used in the brewing industry for cleaning of impurities and have achieved good results.
wheat sourcer/flour mill plant
Horizontal Wheat Scourer Working Principle
1. The grain is given tangentially towards the horizontal special-designed rotor. Intensive hunting from the method is accomplished through the interaction between the
   * products and products
   * products and rotor blades
   * products and stainless screen
2. The merchandise is moved towards the outlet through the rotary rotor blades as the product surface is searched and also the offal crawled in the product experiences the screens after which be collected.

wheat scourer/flour mill plant
Horizontal Wheat Scourer Features
1.Intelligent design and ideal fabricating ensures constant product throughput;
2.Effectively bearing housing design easy maintenance and sturdy;
3.The rotor examined by balance helps make the running easily;
4.Quiet operation through low-vibration design;
5.Specifically warmth treated rotor blades may take put on-resistant using;
6.Excellent hunting actions with low grain break rate, low energy consumption and low noise;
7.Effectively getting rid of harmful particles and sticking contamination (dust, sand, earth protuberances, small seed products, etc.);
8.Effectively enhancing product sanitation by reduction of the microbe count (bacteria) and also the insect and insect fragment count (filth count);
9.High flexibility–exact adaptation to customer needs;
10.Easy service thanks to an optimized design;

FDMG Horizontal Wheat Scourer Technical Date

Model Sieve diameter(mm) Sieve length(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
FDMG40×60 402mm 670 3-5 4 550 1700×920×1686
FDMG40×100 402mm 1170 5-8 5.5 650 2100×920×1686
FDMG40×120 402mm 1370 6-9 7.5 680 2138×920×1770
FDMG40×150 402mm 1570 8-13 11 850 2600×920×1686