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5TPD Flour Mill Plant For Congo Customer

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This double-lion HOTSALE small scale flour mill plant with the capacity of 100-500 kg per hour( the output is different for producing different materials). We have exported to India, America, Belgium and many other countries. Lowest Price Wheat/Maize flour mill mini plant.

Hot sale of 5TPD Flour Mill Plant-Leader Factory of Wheat /Corn Milling Plants

This Wheat Flour Machine is for Congo customer

5TPD Small Scale Flour Mill Plant With Best Price For Congo Customer|Double-lion

Double-lion Flour Machine with Packing 
Main Processing Technology

How to set up a small scale flour mill plant|Double-lion Machinery
Small Flour Mill Plant Cleaning Technology
  1. Lifting technology for Double-lion Automatic Feeding Flour Mill
    The machine is pneumatic lifting for the reason of high pressure air blower application.

  2. Cleaning Technology
    Using the combined grain cleaning machine. The machine is special designed for wheat cleaning which emerges classifying, de-stoning, scouring and dampener. The wheat is transported to the top of the machine by air blower.It's made up of four functions from top to bottom.

    a.Classifying:to remove the straws, clods and stones that are bigger than wheat.

    b.De-stoning:to remove the stones by special gravity.

    c.Scourer:by striking and friction effect to get rid of the wheat fur, skin to finally reduce the ash content of wheat seed.

    d.Wetting:clean wheat will go through a screw conveyor where water pipes can be fit to wet wheat, store the wet wheat for 10-20minutes is better.
  3. Milling Technology     Use the automatic flour mill

    a.First, the wheat is lifted with the pneumatic transmission by the high pressure air blower.

    b.Second, the wheat will be milled by the flour mill.

    c.Third, with the function of drum sieve, the flour which is finer than the sieves can pass through the sieve and those that coarser than the sieve will go back to the roller mill and be ground once more until passing through the sieving machine, the fine flour go through the sieve and be collected.

    d.Forth, the coarser part will be lifted to the hopper and ground again, most through three times to get the fine flour. (according to the final mess requirement, you can mill different times)
5TPD small flour mill plant cleaning part-Zhengzhou Double-lion
This mini atta chakki plant is hotsale one, we usually have in stock in factory, after receiving your deposit, we can arrange shipment in 7 days.
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